More than a steakhouse!

We serve a large selection of grilled specialities. Our offering includes poultry, fish, lamb and of course first-class beef steaks. 

Below you will find an excerpt from our menu. Buen provecho! – Enjoy!



Salad California
Slices of grilled marinated chicken breast in different types of lettuce, served with dressing and crispy baked ESCADOS bread

Salad plate ESCADOS
fresh and colourful mixed. Please choose your dressing!

Carpaccio (beef)
with a bit rocked salad and shredded Parmesan cheese

Steakhouse salad
Slices of grilled marinated beef on different types of lettuce, served with dressing and crispy baked ESCADOS bread

Salad & turkey
A colourful großer, bunter Salat, dazu gegrillte Putenbrust, Vinaigrette, Croutons und Parmesan

Our dressings
Yogurt, Italian, French, American, Thousand-Island

ESCADOS salad bar 
Make your own choice. Create your salad from our wide selection of vegetables and lettuce. Different kinds of dressings.


Goulash soup
prepared Gaucho style

Tomato soup
with fresh basil

Cream of red bell pepper soup
a bit spicy

Tapas & Dip Food

Prawns in hot garlic oil
with French bread

Fried dates wrapped in bacon

Grilled Spanish sausages

Pimientos de Padron *
Small green peppers baked in oil with coarse sea salt

Hot chicken wings
4 spicy pieces, served with a chili sauce

Mixed plate of dip starters
Medium (for 2 persons)

The dip plates include mozzarella sticks, corn dippers, cheddar-chili-snack and crispy breaded shrimps, served with a garlic dip and a hot chili sauce.

Main dishes

Poultry & Lamb

Turkey medallions with mushrooms
Juicy turkey steaks with mixed mushrooms in an aromatic sauce, fried potatoes with bacon and onions

Turkey medallions Gaucho
Juicy turkey steaks with a spicy pepper sauce, fried potatoes with bacon and onions

Haunch steak of lamb
A very special steak, served with a redwine sauce, fresh vegetables and baked potato with sour cream


ESCADOS beef steaks

Haunch steak
a cut from beef hip-bone, tender and without fat
6.5 oz

Rump steak
a cut from the ox saddle, grilled with a fine rim of fat it gets a juicy flavour
6.5 oz

Rib-Eye steak
juicy and aromatic flavour, the center best portion of the rib steak, without the bone
8.0 oz

Filet steak
the most tender piece of beef
8.0 oz
9.5 oz

The ESCADOS steaks are served with crispy baked ESCADOS bread and baked potato with sour cream


Rib-Eye steak Argentina
juicily grilled, it comes with herb butter, fresh fried vegetables and crispy baked ESCADOS bread
11.5 oz
16.0 oz


Blackened Steaks Cajun Style

Blackened Beef
Two steaks of US Black angus beef, grilled cajun style, hot and blackened, served with baked beans in tomato sauce and crispy corn French fries

Blackened Chicken
Hot and blackened, served with a hot bell pepper sauce and crispy corn French fries



Premium quality
Top quality from the USA! The Black Angus cattle embodies the elite of all beef. They are raised 100% natural without hormones on a farm in Nebraska. Our U.S. steaks are wonderful marbled and mature 30 days. Convince yourself of the Premium BeefQuality from America!

with herb butter and roasted potatoes

with ESCADOS-bread and salad

with baked potato & sour cream

US-Flanksteak in tranches
marinated with herbs served with Amerian style french fries(for 2 people)



Classic Beef Burger *

Cheese Burger *
with cheddar cheese

Breakfast Beef Burger *
with bacon and fried egg (with and without cheddar cheese)



most tender, with a honey-barbecue sauce and crispy corn French fries

Mixed Grill ESCADOS
different types of succulent meat, colourfully combined, served with chili sauce, French fries and crispy baked ESCADOS bread

Fillet of salmon from Norway
served with a herb sauce, leaf spinach and baked potato

Fried fillet of zander
with a herb dip, served with baked potato with sour cream and ESCADOS salad

Asia combo
cooked in a wok, fresh mushrooms, red bell peppers, courgettes, onions, celery and soy bean sprouts combined with juicy slices of beef, comes with crispy baked ESCADOS bread


Side dishes

Baked Potato with sour cream or herb butter Wild mushrooms in a cream sauce with herbs
French Fries Fresh pan-fried vegetables
Crispy corn French fries Wok vegetables
Pan-fried potatoes with onions and bacon Baked beans
Leaf spinach Rice
Fried potato wedges Fried onions
Herb Butter
Green beans
Fresh mushrooms in a fine cream sauce ESCADOS bread crispy baked, with a touch of garlic


Apple strudel with vanilla sauce

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and vanilla icecream

Vanilla icecream and warm cherries with sauce

Cold and hot
hot raspberries and blackberries with melting creamy canilla icecream

Cherry and waffle
warm cherries on a Belgian waffle, vanilla icecream and bit of whipped cream

Icecream and chocolate
vanilla icecream melting under hot chocolate and whipped cream


American Icecream


Strawberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Cookie Dough

Caramel Chew Chew


* Not always served.